Summer Camp Welcome/Information Page

Hello Parents and Campers!

This is the page for those registered for our Horsemanship Camp. (Note: If you haven't already paid, please do so as soon as possible as you run the risk of losing your slot to someone else.)

Please read the entire page below closely to ensure you and your camper are prepared for your upcoming time at LBF.



Camp runs from Monday-Friday starting at 8:00am and ends promptly at 1:00pm. Our goal is to educate our campers and students in a well-rounded effort fashion. We don't run a "riding camp," we run a "horsemanship camp." Our philosophy is that children should have fun, but they should also learn about the many aspects of horsemanship. To provide a broad experience, we have several fun activities planned for your camper. Activities include horseback riding, grooming, bathing, arts and crafts, competitions, and much more. We also introduce the challenges of horse ownership -- primarily by having them help with chores around the farm. We want to show the campers that horses require a LOT of work. That said, please be assured that your camper will have fun helping us clean stalls, fill water buckets, and throw hay, but please let your campers know that there will be some dirty work involved. 


SAFETY - Goal #1

We are all here because we want to enjoy the horses, but keeping everyone safe is our number one priority. Horses are generally safe when handled properly and when humans are calm and confident around them. Nature, however, has taught them to be very cautious and react when they believe there is a threat. Our horses are very much used to children and the sounds of the semi-urban environment, but they can be spooked when encountering something unexpected or when surprised.   If your children listen, follow the rules that we give them, and follow the instructions of the staff, it will greatly help ensure the horses remain calm. Please help us, and your child, by having a thoughtful discussion with your camper about respecting the animal's incredible power and unpredictability and following the rules. We can't stress enough how important it is for your camper to be able to listen to camp counselors, follow their instructions, and follow the rules we have in place. We will take time at the beginning of camp to carefully go over these rules so that everyone can have a fun and safe week and we will reinforce them and remind campers as the week progresses.

Note: We do our best to ensure the kids understand and follow the rules, but if your child doesn't have the ability to follow the directions of the staff and/or we feel the child is not safe around the horses, we will be forced to contact you and ask you to take your child out of camp. Please know that we do our sincere best to avoid this, but we want to keep your child, and the others, safe. 



All of our instructors are knowledgeable and cater each riding lesson to the individual rider. We put them on a horse by themselves and have an instructor focused entirely on them while riding. These one-on-one lessons ensure campers are taught according to their skill level and kept safe. Campers are also taught how to groom, tack, and get onto their horse. Although camp is held rain or shine, we don't let them ride when the heat index exceeds 100 and/or there is significant inclement weather (such as thunderstorms/lightning). On very hot days, we like to try to give them bareback riding time and sometimes run through the sprinkler system. On rainy days, we spend extra time learning, doing arts and crafts, and may even paint the horses! *While we always try to get the kids on a horse to ride each day, we cannot guarantee that all campers will be able to ride every day of camp.



Being a camper at LBF requires a lot of energy! Please provide your child with a well-balanced breakfast in the morning before camp, a mid-day snack for our snack break, and a protein-packed lunch to replenish their energy (please keep in mind that we do not have refrigeration available). A sports drink is highly recommended to pack along with a full refillable water bottle.



While we realize camp days may be hot, campers MUST be wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes with a heel - NO EXCEPTIONS. Shoes with heels help prevent a foot from slipping through the stirrups which can be dangerous. No sneakers, tank-tops, shorts, flip-flops, or loose clothing/jewelry. Please see the list below for what proper riding/working attire would be best.



LBF defines early drop-off as a camper being on the property unattended by their parent/guardian before 8:00am (camp start time). Aftercare is defined as a camper being unattended by their pick-up person after 1:10pm (grace-period is from 1:00-1:09pm). If you need to schedule early-drop off and/or aftercare please contact the Camp Director ASAP for scheduling

  • Aftercare is $20 per hour
  • There may be extra lessons available after camp. For various reasons such as weather and the schedules of the horses, an extra lesson is not guaranteed to be available every day.  If you're interested, please email the Camp Director as soon as possible. Letting us know week+ in advance will have the best odds at a time slot. Payment of $60 for the lesson 30 minute is required beforehand. 


Additionally -  see the paperwork at the bottom of this page. Please have it completely filled out and brought in-person on the first day of camp!



  • Completed paperwork
  • Lunchbox packed with a snack and lunch
  • Filled BPA-free refillable water bottle
  • Sports drink (optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent spray
  • Rain-jacket  (if a rainy day)
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • If needed, any medications


  • Comfortable shirt (no tank-tops)
  • Long pants (Riding pants are also known as jodhpurs/breeches)
  • Tall socks (at least over the ankle)
  • Closed-toe shoe with a heel (Riding shoes are known as paddock boots; pairing with half-chaps is optional)
  • Riding gloves (optional)
  • ASTM/SEI Riding Helmet (no bike helmets!)

We have several riding helmets available for use, but we recommend everyone bring their own if possible. 


We look forward to spending a great summer with your campers! Please feel free to contact us ( with any questions you may have.


The forms required for camp are below:

Youth Rider Liability Form

Youth Rider Information Form



Address: 5715 Sable Dr. Alexandria, VA 22303