Birthday Parties and Scout Events

Little Burgundy Farm provides the use of our facility for up to two hours and we also provide an instructor who will talk to the children about the horse, demonstrate how to groom and tack the animal, and then provide a short hand-led ride around our small pasture (or riding arena if the pasture is too wet or unavailable) and show the children how to properly sit on the horse. We also have two miniature horses that the kids will likely get to interact with. 

We can tailor the format if desired, but the agenda we recommend is as follows: 

(a) Hosts (you) set up at our picnic tables before the party begins;

(b) As guests arrive, they are given liability forms to fill out (if they haven't done so beforehand); 

(c) Participants/parents/chaperones are given a safety briefing by the instructor; 

(d) The children are shown how to groom and tack the horse (and will get to pet and groom also); 

(e) Before the riding session, the kids sing happy birthday and cut the cake; 

(f) The kids then take turns getting a ride on the horse/pony (with the birthday boy/girl going first and often getting a second ride at the end if they'd like; 

(g) After the two hours are up, guests depart and the host(s) clean up.


1. The Rate is $350 for up to 10 children and then $35 for each additional child. 

2. We do not function as the hosts of the party and are unable to provide the actual party supplies or catering. Your fee pays for the instructor/staff, the horse(s), and the the use of the facility (which includes a couple picnic tables, and folding tables if needed). 

3. Parents/chaperones will be responsible for supervising the children and ensuring the safety rules are followed. Horses can be unpredictable animals and we want to keep the children safe by ensuring there is enough oversight and supervision while allowing the instructor to focus on the horse and children nearby. At least one chaperone must be available per 5 children (but more is always better with younger children). 

If you would like to make a reservation, Friday's are our best days as we don't have any other lessons normally scheduled on that day. If Friday doesn't work, please email us back with your first, second, and third requested dates and times and we'll do out best to accommodate you. Note: Weekends are very busy here, but we can try to fit you in if that's the only time you have available.

Please email to schedule a birthday party.



We recommend that you start the process of earning a scout badge with our basic "intro to horses" session which takes about 90 minutes (depending on your group size) and costs $25 per child plus a $100 facility charge. Our intro session should qualify the scout for completion of the initial parts of both the Girl Scout Horseback Riding badge as well as the Boy Scouts Horsemanship Merit badge.

The "intro to horses" format is as follows: 

- On arrival, liability forms are filled out and/or collected and the instructor provides a safety briefing; 

- The children are then shown how to be safe around a horse, and how to groom and tack a horse (and will likely get to pet and groom our two cute little minis at some point also); 

- They will have an opportunity to ask the instructor and/or staff members questions about the horse 

- The kids will then take turns getting a basic introductory riding session lasting about 5-10 minutes each (note: the horse will be on a lead line); 

Important note: In order to allow the instructor to focus on the horse and the child they are working with, the parents/chaperones will need to supervise the children at all times. At least one chaperone should be available per 5 children (but more is always better with younger children). 

To reach the basic riding level needed to earn the badge (Step 5 in the guide), each child would normally take three to four riding lessons on their own. We offer a special girl scout rate for each additional riding session of $70 per lesson. 


Please email to ask further questions or to schedule an event.