Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is the riding club membership really a good value? 

We believe this program offers leisure sport riders a very good value for their money -- especially in Alexandria, Va.  The rate for group lessons works out to be approximately $58/week and private lessons cost $87/week.  We believe this is a fair value for someone who does not want the expense and work of owning her own horse but wants the ability to ride once or twice a week.  Other facilities in the area charge more money for the same level of access and private or semi-private instruction.  (Note: The average horse can cost more than $2,000 to purchase and between $400 and $600 for boarding fees per month in the Alexandria area.  When you add on feed costs (~$15/day), farrier costs, and veterinary bills, it quickly becomes evident that horses are expensive hobbies and LBF's rates are very reasonable.)

2.  Can I pay Membership with a credit card? 

Yes, online through an emailed invoice. If you have email, we will send an electronic invoice that contains a link to Quick-books Intuit Payment Solutions where you can pay through your checking account or use a credit or debit card. 

3.  Why do I have to pay the instructor myself?  Why doesn’t the membership include instruction? 

All riding instructors at LBF are independent contractors who are given specific time blocks to teach riding club members at Little Burgundy Farm; the contract instructors are not employees of LBF. Instructors are paid cash or check directly and do not receive any compensation from the membership club. You can choose your own instructor and can coordinate rates directly with the instructor. Working directly with instructors allows us to continue offering horses to our clients.     

4.  Can I hire my own instructor or do I have to use a LBF instructor? 

Only LBF-approved instructors may teach at the farm.  Riding club members can choose one of the instructors, based on availability. Please note, the time slots are assigned to specific instructors, so the member's riding time may determine what instructor may teach during that time block.

5.  Can I ride without an instructor?

LBF Riding Club members may ride without an instructor only if the members has completed a competency check by LBF staff and has been given approval for independent riding