Riding Club Membership

     Little Burgundy Farm operates as a cost-share structure through a membership program. Members pay a monthly fee that covers the farm's operating costs (horse care, feeding, facilities upkeep, etc), and in return, members get the use of a horse, tack, riding area, and the barn facilities, allowing them to take horse care and riding lessons with independently contracted, but LBF-approved riding instructors. Members are guaranteed at least one hour of facility use per week, but are also able to take extra lessons in any open time slot. Members also receive discounts on LBF camp and other activities throughout the year.

2018 Riding Club Membership Rates:

  • Sole Use Membership: $250 per month. Under this membership plan, the member gets the use of a horse, tack, and a riding area for a private riding lesson (up to 1 hour). 

  • Shared Use Membership: $225 per month. Under this membership plan, the member gets the use of a horse, tack, and a riding area for a group/shared riding lesson. Note: Group lessons are not available to beginning members. All LBF members must begin with private lessons. Group membership will only be offered to members/riders who have enough experience and skill to safely ride LBF horses in a group setting. 

  • Additional family supplement: For $175/month, up to three additional family members can become members in addition to one family member paying full base membership - either private or group. The family supplement allows the family member to take the same type of riding lesson as the primary member for this reduced rate. For example, two family members that take private lessons would pay a total of $425 per month -- $250 for the base member and $175 for the second family member.

     Except for horse owners riding their own horses, all riding at Little Burgundy Farm is done under instruction. Members will work with one of LBF's approved instructors who have all obtained advanced horsemanship skills through various riding disciplines (USEF, USHJA, USEA, USDF) and will create a personalized and structured tutorial just for you, based on your experience and goals. 

*Please note: Instructor are not LBF employees and membership dues do not include riding instruction fees. LBF members/riders are responsible for paying the instructor directly before the lesson. Instructor rates vary from $30-$45 for a 30-minute lesson, and usually double for a 60-minute lesson. To learn more about the instructors and their individual rates, please visit the Lessons and Instructors page.  

How do I become a LBF Member?

     First: Fill out an online application by clicking here. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an introductory / evaluation lesson. You will be charged a $40 day-pass fee from Little Burgundy Farm which will be credited towards your membership fees if you decide to join. You will be responsible for paying your instructor directly. Please note: While we do our best to get you scheduled as quickly as possible, it will likely take a week or so before we can schedule the first lesson. Please have patience during this process as we do not have a full time staff with normal office hours.

     Second: If you choose to join after the introductory / evaluation lesson, you will be given a recurring day and time for your weekly riding session and you'll receive an invoice for your first month's membership dues (prorated if not starting in the first week of the month). In addition to your regularly scheduled time slot each week, you are also able to ride in any open/available time slot showing on our calendar (and there are always multiple open times each week). 

General Rules and Restrictions

-- Membership dues are billed monthly and are due on the first of each month. We require 30 days advance notice to cancel.  

-- Membership is not predicated on riding or the amount of mounted time. Because membership is structured as a cost-share system, LBF cannot refund any portion of the membership fees for a member's inability to ride because of bad weather or circumstances beyond the Farm's control. 

-- Riding is weather permitting, but lessons are not.  Ground lessons are typically provided when weather is unsafe for riding. Ground lessons cover horsemanship lesson such as horse care and well-being, tack, and related subjects.

-- Riders are responsible for coordinating directly with their instructor for options during adverse weather and informing them when cancelling a lesson. Most instructors require 24-hours notice to avoid charging for the lesson. (This is primarily because the instructors rely on a steady income from the lessons they provide, and there is a chance that we can fill a cancelled slot if we have at least 24 hours advance notice of the cancellation.)  

-- Every attempt is made to provide a safe environment for enjoying our horses and riding. However, all members must remember that horses can be unpredictable and dangerous, and riding or being around horses can result in serious injury or even death.

-- All members must be under the supervision of an instructor while on the farm unless pre-approved and scheduled in advance for independent riding.

-- Due to liability reasons, only members and their legal guardian (if member is a minor) are allowed on the LBF property.

-- Due to liability and insurance reasons, only individuals that have signed a liability release are permitted past the parking lot, inside the fence area. Additionally, only the member and/or a parent/guardian helping the member are allowed to: (a) enter a paddock where horses are kept; (b) enter a riding area, or; (c) interact with a horse (petting, feeding, etc.). No other persons, regardless of relationship, are allowed on the property (past the parking lot) unless a liability release is on file and approved by an instructor or LBF management.

-- Being in good physical condition is important when riding horses. Additionally, because of the type of horses we use, all riders must weigh less than 180lbs. These requirements are to ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience during the session and horses are kept from injury.

-- Riders are responsible for providing their own apparel, including an ASTM/SEI-approved helmet, gloves, boots, and riding breeches/jodhpurs.  LBF has some helmets available for general use, but it is recommend that all riders purchase their own helmets for proper fit and safety.

-- Riders may use their own saddle if approved by an instructor or LBF management.

-- Members may request a particular horse, but LBF will choose the horse for the rider based on the rider's skill level and the animal's scheduled workload.